Surrey Joins New West in Intervener Status in Fraser Surrey Docks Coal Port Court Challenge

Surrey has joined Communities and Coal and VTACC’s court case re Fraser Surrey Docks (FSD) to ship U.S. Thermal Coal.  White Rock is the welcoming gates for BNSF U.S. Thermal coal trains. These U.S. coal trains will affect other communities on its route to FSD.  This U.S. Thermal Coal will be loaded onto open barges that will travel up the Georgia Strait to Texada, and to be unloaded and loaded onto ships going to Asia where it will be burned for energy consumption.  What is burned into the air will come back to our neck of the woods.

Communities are wanting an independent, comprehensive health impact assessement to truly find out the health and safety risks from an increase of U.S. Thermal Coal coming into their backyards and affecting B.C.’s waterways and air shed.

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Surrey Applying to be Intervener in Coal Port Court Challenge

New West to seek intervener status on coal court case

Paula Williams, Co-Founder of Communities and Coal:
“Front line communities like White Rock, Surrey and New West will bear the brunt of local impacts from this project,” said Williams. “They deserve to have their voice fully heard regarding the level of risk to communities from the plan to export U.S. coal, but they’ve been sidelined by the Port.”

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Surrey residents lead fight against coal transfer facility on Fraser River

Communities and Coal’s goal has always been to link communities together with regards to U.S. Thermal Coal and that is exactly what is happening. Communities are awake and people are taking the opportunity to stand up for what is right. Now is the time.

“Surrey residents Christine Dujmovich and Paula Williams have joined a federal challenge against the approval of a coal transfer facility at Fraser Surrey Docks. The coal will be visible from the front yard of Dujmovich’s home near River Road.”

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