CP Rail Management Accused of Putting Worker and Public Safety at Risk

As we hear reports of the government forcing CP Rail workers back work, one has to wonder why they are striking. Dennis Pierce, National President of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, says that CP Rail is forcing workers to haul dangerous goods that they are untrained to handle, thus putting workers and the general public safety at Risk.
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen
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Coal – Short-term Profits for the few, Long-Term health and Environmental Impacts for us All

If you only watch one documentary on Coal’s impact to BC, this is the one to watch.

Canada is the last resort of those who would sacrifice our planets future for the profits of Powder River Basin coal. Our Provincial and Federal Governments and Port Metro Vancouver have opened their arms in support of the most dangerous threats to our future imaginable.

The highly successful energy alternatives, wind and solar, that are shown in this movie apply equally well as alternatives to the Site C Dam on the Peace River.

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Surrey Joins New West in Intervener Status in Fraser Surrey Docks Coal Port Court Challenge

Surrey has joined Communities and Coal and VTACC’s court case re Fraser Surrey Docks (FSD) to ship U.S. Thermal Coal.  White Rock is the welcoming gates for BNSF U.S. Thermal coal trains. These U.S. coal trains will affect other communities on its route to FSD.  This U.S. Thermal Coal will be loaded onto open barges that will travel up the Georgia Strait to Texada, and to be unloaded and loaded onto ships going to Asia where it will be burned for energy consumption.  What is burned into the air will come back to our neck of the woods.

Communities are wanting an independent, comprehensive health impact assessement to truly find out the health and safety risks from an increase of U.S. Thermal Coal coming into their backyards and affecting B.C.’s waterways and air shed.

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Surrey Applying to be Intervener in Coal Port Court Challenge